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     KEDC provides exemplary training and reading and writing instructional resources for all member districts.  Teachers most often describe the materials they receive as practical, effective, and easy to use.  Most important, the materials provide strategies that improve teaching and increase learning. 

      In 2007, KEDC hired its first full-time instructional consultant.  Recognizing the foundation of success in all content areas is reading, the Instructional Support Team recruited Angela Hilterbrand from Mason County Schools.  Angela is no stranger to many KEDC districts; during the mid-90's, as a full-time consultant on loan to KDE, she worked with many schools in districts in then Regions 7 and 8.  She has worked with more than 300 Kentucky schools in nearly 60 districts.  Her areas of expertise are K-12 reading and writing.

     Since 2007, under Angela's leadership, more than 4,000 Kentucky middle and high school students in 24 schools have been enrolled in Reading Revisited, an intervention program for at-risk students.  More than 150 elementary teachers have participated in yearlong literacy projects.  Several districts have also benefited from customized trainings.

     If your district needs assistance in improving reading or writing, contact Angela at






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Friday, April 17, 2009
Happy Birthday
Co-workers had a surprise for one of our project participants!
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